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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  December 28, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. >> i am scott thuman. >> i am alison starling. good tuesday morning. thanks for being with us. traffic and weather every ten minutes. we will check in with jim russ in a moment. first, adam caskey. we are taking baby steps. >> a few degrees warmer each today until new year's day when it will be in the mid 50's. mid 50's of south of the metro area. it is 23 in berkeley springs, west virginia. front royal is 25. it is still gusty. it feels like we are in the teens. mostly sunny today. gusts of 30 miles an hour or our
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today instead of 59 like yesterday. sunshine with high temperatures near 40. a few degrees warmer tomorrow. the warming trend continues. mid to upper 50's by saturday with a chance of a shot was on new year's day and on sunday. baby steps to the beltway. that's the american legion bridge, looks good both ways. the inner loop coming toward the bottom of the screen. springfield traffic looks good. 95 each way between the beltway and frederiksberg running smoothly. 95 at the baltimore-washington parkway looks good between the beltway. construction has been picked up. back to you. >> thank you. another day of delays and frustrations at airports up and down the east coast. >> thousands spent the night again at airports or hotels as
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they are trying to get hall. courtney robinson is at reagan national with more of a continuing nightmare. >> good morning. we can hope today will not be a nightmare for many. i spoke with one-man who spent the night in washington. he is trying to get to rhode island and will have to stop at the three different airports to get there. a number of people have been stranded at reagan national. we hoped things improve. it will be another day of busy airports and frustrated and exhausted passengers. >> you cannot do anything about it. it's the weather. >> the lizard it to the north and crippled major airports. despite snow plows able to meld 120 tons of snow per hour or, the crews could do little about
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it won at boston's logan airport. 24 inches in central park. new york city's major airports shut down on sunday. but canceled roughly 4000 flights and stranded thousands of passengers. some of them in washington. >> we did not make it the first time it got off the plane and made it out a second time. it took a few hours, so we missed our connection. >> you see people very early, hoping. everything reads on time, basically, on the boards. there are a few cancellations on arrivals and departures. call ahead to make sure your flight is scheduled to take off on time. back to you.
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>> thank you. it's not just the airports. monday in new york, highways were littered with cars. drivers spent hours waiting to be rescued from snowdrifts. more of that in 12 minutes. >> the storm left behind dangerous winds that caused damage in our area. some of the worst was in dc there was a partial roof collapse animals under construction on eighth street in northwest. and it brought down winds of 27th street nw and it brought down the chain link fence that started the fighting. a battle is brewing over who is responsible for lost are in northwest. it happened yesterday on manning place. the home owner says pepcp is to blame. around 10:00 a.m., he heard what sounded like a firecracker in his collages. he called and they said someone
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could live by 2:00 p.m.. then he saw flames of a water and he called again. -- the flames on the wires. >> the fire department and pepco are investigating. a 25-year-old was involved in incidents. the young man fired 13 shots at the truck after the other man it's his car. he will be in court today. a washington redskins player has been charged wickes dui, and arrested early monday
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morning after officers responded to a single car accident. joe joseph was released on his own recognizance. he's only played his first game in the nfl. gas prices are up again. one industry insider says it could be on the road to record levels. brianne carter is live in arlington with details. good morning. >> good morning. remember the days when $1 would get you a gallon of gas? $20 or $30 would phillip the tank. those days are gone. the national average is $3 a gallon. that is up from the national average last week. significantly of from the national average this time last year. that number could continue climbing. the former president of shell oil says americans could soon be
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paying $5 a gallon by 2012, adding that supply and demand will continue to be off balance. he is criticizing the administration for turning its back on the country's oil supply and cracking down on domestic oil drilling in the wake of the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. our regular gallon of gas in arlington is $3.13. battle hits a lot of people hardin pockets if that number continues to climb. brianne carter, abc 7. 27 degrees. >> to lead, second chance -- still ahead. the president has words of praise for a former prisoner. >> the northeast blizzard is over, now they are digging out.
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tuesday morning, 5:00 sen. temperatures in the 20's. winchester, 27. strasburg, virginia, 25. the wind is out of the west and
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northwest. gusts in excess of 20 miles an hour. 30 from time to time. breezy and gusty today, but not as bad as yesterday. 25 degrees in the district. 25 in columbia, maryland. it feels like the teens this morning. mostly sunny and gusty today, highs in the upper 30's. 20's tonight. los 40's tomorrow in the metro area. by saturday, a new year's day. 95 looks good between springfield and frederick. rush-hour rules apply to the hov lanes. going to maryland to look at traffic on the beltway at the american legion bridge, looks good. let's look at the 270 to look at the interchange -- actually, let's go to the beltway at new
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hampshire ave. looks pretty good. back to you. >> thank you. 27 degrees at this time, 5:11. all-time best sellers, stillness. >> and michael vick gets a presidential show of support. >> the snow storm is o
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airports across the northeast are starting to reopen. it could be several days before all of the travelers get to their destinations. passengers can expect delays and
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cancellations. gas prices could reach $5 a gallon by 2012. the shell oil former presidents said global demand for oil continues. near miami, a car in a good ride under a room was left running and people were injured as a result. stranded travelers will start heading home. emily schmidt has the latest. >> good morning. here is one sign of the strength of this blizzard. it's forced the nfl to play a game of tuesday night for the
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first time in more than 60 years. this storm has affected so much of the east closed -- coast, especially the northeast. people from north carolina to maine are digging out from 3 feet. there was flooding and fires in boston. new york city has seen only five storms worse than this sense of 150 years ago. snow trapped 500 subway passengers in new york city without heat or a bathroom for nine hours. one father was stuck on the side of the road with his wife and young 8 hours. they bundled the baby in three snowsuits. the new-york city mayor says there's no school right now
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because of holidays and a lot of people are off work, so that will keep a lot of people of the votes. still nearly two feet of snow to clear out. it fell at a rate of two-3 inches per hour or yesterday. back to you. >> thank you. last year, we figured it took a long time to cleanu up. the game between the eagles and the vikings was canceled because of concerns for the fans. pennsylvania gov. is upset. he blasted the decision and said that we are becoming a nation of woossies. president obama the venture away from his-hideaway to purchase a snow cone. he is considering putting his
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2012 headquarters in chicago. he would be the first modern president to base a campaign outside of washington. the president is talking about his belief in giving people second chances. he praised the philadelphia eagles for signing michael vick after the served a prison sentence related to a dogfighting ring. a classic puzzle gets a an ipad upgrade. >> amazon says its third generation electronic book reader is the best selling industry. sales do not appear to be heard by the ipad. many people have both devices. one of the reason batty ipa >>d is so popular is the games -- one reason the ipad is so
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popular. >> there's no physical feedback when you are trying to play the game. it is so frustrating. it is hard to understand the effect of the movement. >> it costs 99 cents and is also available on the iphone. i am rob nelson. we have gone from the windy to breezy today. >> there's a difference. it was hauling -- howling yesterday. in our area yesterday one of the highest wind gusts was 66 miles an hour or in frederick county,
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maryland. 80 miles and hour at a pig, and and 90 miles an or at a different location at cape caro. -- 80 miles an hour at fredericksburg yesterday. this morning it is 29 in the district, 28 in quantico, 27 in winchester. wind at 15 miles an hour or from the northwest. steady winds. there are gusts over 25 miles an hour or from time to time. that makes it feels like we are in the teens. kind of like yesterday morning. the wind picks up from time to
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time. the until are updated every couple of minutes. today, a lot of sunshine, a few high, thin clients -- clouds. high temperatures in the upper 30's. a few degrees warmer than yesterday. it could reach 40 degrees in the beltway today. tomorrow it will make it to the low 40's. a little warmer. a slow process. about 50 on friday. mid 50's by the new year. that will be met with a cold front on sunday, dropping the temperatures again early next week. at least that is feasible. mid 40's on monday. now to jim russ. 270 @ city grove, nicely. those of the headlights toward gaithersburg. hyattstown has no delays on 270
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near route 109. traffic running nicely. no accidents on the beltway in montgomery county. the beltway down to the wilson bridge -- not that camera. looks good at 95. 95 between fredericksburg and the beltway is running without incident. back to you. >> thank you. 27 degrees on this tuesday morning. >> a blizzard postponed the sunday night football game. when the winter classics could be rescheduled. details of its. >> today on "oprah," some of your favorite reality show starts. today at 4:00 on abc 7.
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the site then there is alone at the top. touched down, new orleans. >> and orleans won the game in atlanta last night. that clenches a playoff spot. atlanta is already in the playoffs and tampa has been eliminated. >> the eagles were going to play the vikings in the game that was canceled by the blizzard. >> the washington wizards are trying to win the game on the
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road. the wizards are wearing blue. making a pretty good run. there's a 10-point washington lead with 10 minutes left what the guys in the white jerseys. that's nice. here they come. de wizard's failed to score in the last minutes. houston just could not miss. the rockets defeated the wizards. this is the 15th road loss in 04 the wizards. the washington capitals play tonight against montreal. everybody and only wants to talk about the game against the penguins on new year's day. it's going to be cold. they're talking about moving the 1:00 game to saturday night. have a great day. it's 27 degrees.
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the news continues at 5:30. >> the most admired person of 2010 is no stranger who else made the cut. >> will it be another day of travel troubles at airports across the nation? i will have details, coming up. in the weather center,, still resilient. not as bad as yesterday. we
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> we have a two-hour delay. >> my 10:00 flight got
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cancelled. >> trade ahead, a familiar words from frustrated passengers. the long wait for a flight continues this morning. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, december 28. i am alison starling. >> i am scott thuman. much more on that story in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has the forecast. >> temperatures will be similar to yesterday, but not as gusty. you will notice the wind. not as bad as yesterday. there will gusts over 50 miles an hour or yesterday. 20 or 30 today. temperatures are in the 30's. and 20's. 27 in culpeper. when you factor in the wind, it feels like the teens. it feels like 11 degrees in poolesville.
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mostly sunny today, breezy, temperatures near 40. gradually warming for the rest of the week. maybe 60on saturday, on new year's day. how is the commute so far? reports of an accident on the inner loop of the beltway, 495 northbound near route 7, on the left. 95 looks good between the beltway. the beltway looks good from college park and silver spring. 95 in virginia is running nicely between fredericksburg and springfield. back to you. >> thank you. life is slowly starting to get back to normal after the sunday blizzard, but not fast enough for thousands of stranded airline passengers. >> planes are taking off and
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landing again, but it could be days before they finally get to where they need to go. courtney robinson has more from reagan national. >> good morning. we are talking about days people have been waiting. some of them have come to washington to try to get a flight to their destination. people are sleeping at reagan national overnight waiting for their flight. they have arrived early this morning and making sure their flights are on time. it seems that there are only a few cancellations at jfk. that is good news. three major airports in new york are back up and running. whee have seen things picking up at reagan national. later today, you will see the
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visit russia again as people tried to get data four of flights. with all the major and blizzard hit in the northeast. that is what caused this. at logan airport in boston, there were snowplows clearing the tarmac and and did not do much good. backgood news things are up and running over there as well as the three major airports in new york. hopefully, things will be better for passengers today. hundreds of passengers were trying to get out at reagan national and dulles airports and bwi. 4100 new your presidents were stranded in a subway car more than $8 in new york. -- 400 subway passengers were stranded. salisbury and ocean city
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still digging and out from a foot or more. the national guard was called to help with the cleanup. people were trapped in vehicles. most of the roads were clear, only to have the wind cover them again with snow. a local man is blaming blaming pepco for a fighter. beardless sounded like a firecracker in his collages and pepco. kolkhcalled he saw flames on the wires, so he called the fire department and then called pepco again.
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pepco is investigating. a man accused of killing his wife and her two children goes on trial today in prince william county. carillo dean is expected to be in the courtroom today. 13-year-old connor kirk and 14- year-old brittany kirk are the children. a man and was attacked and left on the nutley street ramp to 66. if you have information, call police. gas prices are at 2010 highs, but they could nearly double in the next year. brianne carter has the story.
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good morning. >> good morning. at this gas station in arlington is this $3.13 for our regular gallon of gas. the numbers could be going up. according to the national average, it's about $3 across the board. that is up from a week ago. significantly up from this time last year when gas was $2.60 a gallon. according to an industry insider, the numbers include continued to climb. according to published reports, the former president of shell oil says americans could soon pay $5 a gallon in 2012. this also is home -- understand there could be a bigger gap between supply and demand. this all executive also blames the administration, saying they have cut off the domestic oil after the bp oil spill. it's much higher than we have
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seen in years past. if it could be a pinch in the pocket and if we reach $5 a gallon by 2012. brianne carter reporting. 27 degrees on this tuesday morning, 5:36 is the time. >> the most admired man and woman of 2010. >> and nightmare stories from people stranded in the blizzard. >>
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hi, i am with the national school along with panda claus -- with the national zoo, inviting you? "zoolights." good morning, washington. there is upper level energy that will dive in our direction. we could have a few scattered clouds this afternoon. overall, very sunny. still breezy, but not like yesterday. it's 29 degrees at reagan national, 28 in culpeper. when you factor in the wind, it
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feels like the teens again. it feels like 18 in the district and 12 in gaithersburg. sunshine today. gusts of 25 or 30 miles an hour. it was 50 or 60 miles an hour or yesterday. i temperatures in the upper 30's, maybe 40. all little warmer tomorrow, low 40's with sunshine. the, west wind at 5-10. let's look at the roads. a couple of accidents on the beltway. springfield has more volume than yesterday. looking a little heavier. beltway crash on the inner loop at the wilson bridge in the local lanes at the virginia end of the bridge. stay to the left or the right to get by. on the inner loop between 66 and route 7 there's an accident on
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the left shoulder that is not attracting much attention. it's more of a safety hazard. at the maryland end of the wilson bridge, traffic going from right to left across the bridge, the inner loop is not being slowed by the crash. back to you. >> thank you. 5:41, 27 degrees. >> coming up, a specialist you caught on tape. you won't believe this. >> the snow storm of 2010. shoveling from this
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welcome back. checking our top stories at 5:45. there is some good news for hundreds of thousands of passengers stranded by the blizzard. airports across the northeast are beginning to reopen. it could take days to clear the
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backlog. there are delays or cancellations between d.c. and boston. if you think gas prices are high, just wait a couple years. they could reach $5 a gallon by 2012 as global demand for oil increases. the nationwide average is $3 a gallon. it appears the struggling economy did not stop americans from spending money this holiday season. this could be the best season on record. the national retail federation predicts holiday sales will be present sinai iridum last year. people across the northeast and new england will spend another day digging out from the snow. this has stranded travelers and now they are starting to get where they want to be. emily schmidt has the latest. >> snow is no longer falling, but problems continue. >> trying to shovel out from
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this disaster. >> people from north carolina to maine are digging out from up to 3 feet. new york city has had one of the five worst storms since it started keeping records 150 years ago. a subway train in new york left passengers inside nearly $9. - - 9 hours. >> i will get to leave until thursday. >> boston's logan airport is slow to get back up and running. >> we will have to go and scraped the roads again by the end of the week. expect our-long delays and
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cancellations between boston and washington today. emily schmidt, abc news. it cost a lot to get ready in the d.c. area. they spent a half million dollars to pretreated bridges and overpasses in dc. virginia spent more than a million dollars to prepare. maryland officials will not know the cost until the cleanup is done. looking around the region, a special tribute to a murdered college student. pham, the fairfax county college student, was found dead in june and the murder is still not solved. a bench has been dedicated to her honor. a maryland hospital has banned others from taking pictures of their children's birth. they prohibit all video or flash
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photography until five minutes after the birth. they say it reduces stress. some expected parents are up in arms and say they have the right to take pictures. a d.c. bar is about to open under a new name. it closed an earlier this month after being sold. the new owner says the dupont circle plan mark will reopen wednesday night under the name beer barron. it will offer 500 other leaders -- 500 others n new beers. we have gone from the intense wind to a breezy tuesday. >> breezy and gusty today.
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>> i got it. >> wind gusts 30 miles an hour of this tuesday. >> it turned out ok. >> let's look at reagan national. 29 degrees. when you factor in the wind, it feels like 18. wind of the west northwest steady at 15 miles an hour. temperatures area wide are in the 20's. 23 in stamford, 26 in washington -- 23 in stafford. the wind chill in damascus is 9 degrees. yesterday at reagan national it was 37 degrees for the high temperatures. a few degrees cooler in outlying areas. today will be similar. warming a few degrees every day. gradually by saturday we could be in the mid to upper 50's for
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the afternoon high temperatures. the average high is 44. we will get close to that tomorrow. clear skies overhead right now. we still have the nor'easter in the canadian maritime, xing new england. high pressure to our south west. that will slide southeast. once it gets to us, we will be on the back side of it and we will get a southerly wind, dropping temperatures. maybe 40 degrees today inside the beltway. not as india tonight, clear. dry this work week. a few showers possible saturday and sunday. now to jim russ. trouble at the wilson bridge. looking at the maryland side. there's an accident on the inner loop, virginia, and local lanes.
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traffic getting by left and right single file. there is an accident of the inner loop of 495 northbound between 66 and route 7. 66 is running well, at 95 is a good in-betweens fredericksburg and springfield. a little more traffic this morning than yesterday. no later delays to reports on the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. this is pretty neat. a photographer in new jersey helped to capture a look at a sunday opposing snowfall as it happened. >> it lasts about 30 seconds, lapse photography. michael is a photographer in new jersey -- northeast coast line. this was the time lapse of his digital camera taking pictures every five minutes or 15
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minutes. he put the clock there for? and kept having to dig it out. 30 inches of snow along the coasts. imagine that. >> that's a good indication of what happened. >> that is cool. , to our web sites out,u don't keep digging you are in trouble. here is an amazing animal rescue. there was almost tragedy at the ranch of an oklahoma family. a calf was stranded on a frozen lake. they sense a pilots to the rescue. the force of decline roter wind
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helped to blow it to the shore. he had done this before. it was clever are. >> temperatures will moderate. >> it's 5:54.
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welcome backs. the most admired men and women in america. the list is out. >> this year's list is dominated by politicians. for the third year, president obama is the most admired man in the u.s. behind him is george bush and bill clinton. for the ninth year, secretary of state stiller clinton is the most admired woman in america. she is followed by saleh palin, oprah winfrey, and michele obama. >> people should admire the presidents for solving problems. >> the pope is also on the list. as well as billy graham.
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queen elizabeth and congolese the rise -- condoleeza rice made to the list. there's a lot more in the next half-hour or. >> a whistle-blower was exposing securities laws at u.s. airports and has come forward. securitie
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